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Industrial and Commercial Roller Doors
24hr Emergency Breakdowns Service


Slide / Swing Gates

We service and maintain industrial swinging and sliding gates which provide after hours security with constant airflow and high visibility.


Roller Shutters

Industrial roller doors are suitable for low and high frequency operation and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.


Tilt Panel Doors

Tilt panel doors raise and lower in sections using tracks which run parallel to the ceiling. Tilt doors raise and lower in one complete panel.


Boom Gates

We service, maintain and repair boom gates which provide security and restricted vehicle access to carparks.


Auto Glass Doors

Auto glass doors are access entry doors which are typically found at the entrance of a high pedestrian traffic building such as banks and retail stores.

Rapid-Roll Doors

Roller grills

We service and maintain industrial security grills and poly-carb shutters which provide after hours security allowing constant airflow and high visibility.


Fire Shutters

Fire shutters are used where there is a high risk of fast spreading fire through open areas.


Rapid Roll Doors

Rapid roll doors or fast acting doors are suitable for controlled environments which require access while maintaining constant environmental requirements.

Fire Shutters

Window Shutters

We service, maintain and repair window shutters which are typically installed for security purposes.

We provide professional, efficient and reliable service for repair and maintenance of your roller and access doors. We believe in the best practices and comply with all relevant safety and OH&S procedures and standards. We are also registered to carry out inspections to comply with OH&S accreditation requirements. Ensure your business premises are secure and safe with Cowan Doors.

Door repairs in Melbourne

Cowan Doors Pty Ltd is a door repair company in Melbourne, famous in servicing, maintaining and repairing doors in ,Australia. Cowan Doors specialise in Industrial doors, Commercial doors , Access Doors, commercial roller doors repair and factory roller door repairs. We repair Roller Shutter, Auto Glass Doors, Boom Gates, Rapid Roll Doors, Tilt Panel Gates, Slide/Swing Gates, Fire Shutters, Roller Grills, Roller Doors. We always provide a routine scheduled maintenance, which includes full servicing of your doors. We repair damaged Factory Roller Doors, Industrial & Commercial Roller Doors.


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